Monthly Archives: January 2016

He Built a Bike With a Motor!

The Wayne Methvin Story Small acts define a person’s values. Their actions show what they stand for and what they do with their lives. I recently met three really outstanding people.  If you want to meet them, then just drive down the road to Light Truck and Auto. If you have a problem with Read More

Grease Under His Fingernails

We’ve all heard that your upbringing shapes your life. Some may not agree. However, meet Perry Hamilton, part owner of Light Truck and Auto. One quickly gets a sense of his passion for mechanics. That passion has been with him his whole life. The Early Years As long as he can remember, Perry Hamilton, one-half Read More

Truck and Auto Repair, Made-to-Order, For You

More than ten service centers for vehicle and light truck repairs may be found in Burkburnett, Texas. How do you select the best truck and auto repair for you? The People Chose Light Truck and Auto. If you haven’t met these wonderful people, then stop in for coffee some morning.  Wayne Methvin and Perry Hamilton, Read More

Treat Your Car Like the Love of Your Life

Treat your car like the love of your life. I’m not suggesting a car should be the love of your life. However, you always take good care of your love.  You should also treat your car to good care so you remain safe behind the wheel. Treat Your Car to a Checkup It’s important to Read More

I Blew the Mayor’s Transmission!

I am a Master Mechanic, but not perfect.  Anytime troublesome problems occur, a choice must be made. In my line of work, I could hide mistakes, but the vehicle may not be safe to drive.  Instead, I take ownership of the mishap and repair it. At Light Truck and Auto, our beliefs and faith dictate Read More