A 3-hp Evinrude motor, my best friend, and many opportunities to “fix” cars started it all.  We soon realized that people would drive down the road for us to service their vehicles. Then we started Light Truck and Auto.  The tale of its beginning and growth had many twists and turns.

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It all began when Mom left for the grocery store.  We knew where to find a 3-hp, 1962 motor in rough condition. We ran for the basement and grabbed Dad’s tool box. Thank goodness we had a cement floor. We didn’t have to look for one of mom’s old bed sheets to protect it.

When Mom came home, we convinced her we were up to some good. She relented with a small smile and commented, “Don’t make a mess.”

Describing the fun of tearing down the motor would be impossible.  We cleaned it up and put it back together again with little understanding of how the engine worked. We had completed a task grown-ups usually did.

When the time came to test the little Evinrude, Mom and Dad excitedly gathered some friends. Our excitement was electrifying.   The first pull caused the beautiful engine to catch with a cough and a roar. What a feeling! I think Mom cried, and Dad cheered with joy.

We were hooked on mechanics. Projects grew in size and complexity from that first Evinrude.  We graduated to an old lawnmower and an old car to more cars and trucks.

Our work history in vehicle repair shops provided training by Ford as Master Mechanics. We learned amazing technical mechanisms and constantly update our knowledge base.  As cars and trucks have changed, we have graduated to the use of computerized test equipment.


We thrive when customers leave our shop smiling.  Their smiles give us the satisfaction of knowing we fixed their issues.  Our customers drive away in a repaired, safe vehicle.

Have you ever built a device for your children or fixed a gadget for your wife that left them excited? Doesn’t it fill you with an immense feeling of pride? That’s the way we feel every time a happy customer drives away.

At Light Truck and Auto, our whole team embodies that feeling of pride. We make sure to satisfy every customer coming through our door. They trust us to repair their vehicle. We make sure we don’t let anyone down.

Every customer gets to know the mechanic who works on their truck or auto. They receive a written summary of the repair they requested. Then we report about repairs needed to make their vehicle safe. No vehicle leaves until we ascertain its safety and correct repairs.

People willingly drive down the road for vehicle repairs at Light Truck and Auto. Our customers become our friends. There’s nothing more satisfying than a customer bringing in their vehicle and leaving with a smile.

We have one customer we especially love to see. She brings us warm apple pie. That’s a story for another day. Head over to Light Truck and Auto. We’re just down the road. We repair your vehicle with pride.