Your Car Won’t Start

Fumbling with your keys, you run to your car thinking about trying to be on time to work.  You insert the key, turn it, and nothing happens.  Your car won’t start.  What can the problem be?  The gas gauge reads full!  Frustrated, you call a cab. The average age of

Keep Your Vehicle Working

In the good old days, vehicles were simple.  Many of us took pleasure and pride keeping our vehicle in great shape.  However, now vehicles combine the complexities of the digital age with the gasoline engine.  Just finding the oil drain plug requires a Herculean effort. Disposal of oil and other

Buying a Used Vehicle

Five Tips For Buying a Used Vehicle The words “used car” strike fear into the hearts of many.  However, finding and buying a reliable, used vehicle that suits your needs transpires easier than you think.  Consider these five tips as you navigate to the perfect vehicle for you. Consider Experience

Spot a Lemon

A Lemon on the Car Lot You researched and decided to buy a second-hand vehicle.  For a better experience no lemons, the good folks at Light Truck and Auto offered some suggestions. Do Your Homework If you want a good second-hand vehicle, then do your homework.  Research the internet

How to Buy Used Tires

Buying used tires provides a viable, cost-effective option to expensive, new tires which ruin a good budget.  Vehicle safety should be considered first for either option.  Always research and follow specific guidelines when buying used tires. Preparing to Search  The following items help in your search for good, used tires:

Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment, Why and When Until I talked to the owners of Light Truck and Auto, my new auto repair shop in Burkburnett, Texas, I never thought about the need for a wheel alignment.  I drove my car for six years before I had my wheel alignment checked. Why

How to Choose the Right Tires

Choosing the Right Tires The right tires on your vehicle are critical to your safety and all who ride with you. Similar to having a vehicle in good mechanical condition, having the right tires can make or break a critical driving situation. Consider driving in rain on a windswept road,
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Buying A New Car?

Buying a new car is a big decision.  You should always consider the cost as well as the type of car you need.  In simple terms, you should buy a car when you can afford it and when your present vehicle doesn’t suit your needs anymore. Since there’s a lot
Auto Air Filter

My Air Filter

  I had a problem with a used Mercedes-Benz 450 SL sports car I had just bought.  I was driving home, still a couple of states away.  The car unexpectedly quit running.  I was towed to the vehicle repair shop, Burke Light Truck and Auto, in Burkburnett, Texas.  I learned
Transmission Service

Transmission Service

When Does My Transmission Need Service? The transmission in your vehicle is a complex set of gears, sprockets, and other moving parts.  It takes a whole lot of strain and sometimes abuse.  We usually never think about it. Remember when we were kids and would “grind the gears”?  Someone would
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Check Your Battery

How embarrassing!  Where I lived, we have to take ferries to get out of town.  Picture this:   A small ferry with four lines for vehicles, two lines on each side of the ferry, with a divider in between.  To say the least, there isn’t much room for vehicles to move. 

No Blowouts!

Have you checked your tires lately? Millions of us get in our cars each day and off we go.   We don’t notice if one of the most important parts on our car is going to survive. We may not get safely wherever we’re going.  Tires have become very safe with
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Drive Smart and Save

Ever since the first car hit the road, or trail back then, drivers have been trying to go faster. The power of many cars today is nothing short of incredible. As the price of gas goes up, along with the cost of maintenance, there’s one simple thing we can all
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Truck and Auto Repair, Made-to-Order, For You

More than ten service centers for vehicle and light truck repairs may be found in Burkburnett, Texas. How do you select the best truck and auto repair for you? The People Chose Light Truck and Auto. If you haven’t met these wonderful people, then stop in for coffee some morning. 
Oil Change Service

Treat Your Car Like the Love of Your Life

Treat your car like the love of your life. I’m not suggesting a car should be the love of your life. However, you always take good care of your love.  You should also treat your car to good care so you remain safe behind the wheel. Treat Your Car to
BLT Mayor

I Blew the Mayor’s Transmission!

I am a Master Mechanic, but not perfect.  Anytime troublesome problems occur, a choice must be made. In my line of work, I could hide mistakes, but the vehicle may not be safe to drive.  Instead, I take ownership of the mishap and repair it. At Light Truck and Auto,