Check Your Battery

batteryHow embarrassing!  Where I lived, we have to take ferries to get out of town.  Picture this:   A small ferry with four lines for vehicles, two lines on each side of the ferry, with a divider in between.  To say the least, there isn’t much room for vehicles to move.  That’s where it happened to me, a dead battery.

My Sad Story

We were all excited as the ferry docked.  It was our turn to offload. I turned the key and heard only a click, click, click.  People in vehicles behind started to honk.  How embarrassing it was when the ferry worker came over and asked, “Buddy, have you checked your battery lately?”

What I Should Have Done

I should have had my battery checked.  Experts suggest we check our batteries at least once per year.  I had waited three years.  Today, vehicles are complex.  Unless you have the test equipment, why not have your auto services shop check your battery for you?  They’ll gladly do the following for you:

  1. Check the voltage. It should be at least 12.6 volts with the vehicle turned off and between 13.7 to 14.7 volts with the engine running.
  1. Check the alternator to make sure it’s charging your battery properly.
  1. Clean your contacts and check the wiring to make sure all is right – at least they should if it’s a good vehicle repair shop.

I Could do it Myself

There are some steps I take as a battery test in between taking my vehicle to my favorite auto services shop.  If you want to check your battery, do this:

  1. Start your vehicle and turn on your headlights. Dim lights suggest a problem with your alternator.  Get it checked.  If your alternator isn’t working properly, your battery won’t charge.
  1. A simple test for your alternator is to watch your lights as you rev the engine. If the lights become brighter, the alternator is producing some electrical current.  But it isn’t enough to properly charge your battery when the engine is idling.

If the lights are working properly, but you still have problems, there could be two problems.

  • The first is as simple as needing a new battery.
  • The second problem can be a challenge. You may have an electrical leak.  Something is on when it shouldn’t be or there could be a wire shorting out.

Don’t be embarrassed by a dead battery at an inconvenient time.  I recommend taking your vehicle to my favorite auto services shop in Burkburnett, Texas.

Go to the Best Car Repair Shop

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