Community First!

Light Truck & Auto in Burkburnett and their second location, Park Light Truck & Auto in Iowa Park, have been looking for a way to give back to their community.  Why?  Because they know and understand that community is important.  One way to give back to the community is to find a way to set yourselves apart as good stewards of the business world.

Business Goals

Too many people in business believe the number one goal of marketing is to find something that sets you apart from your competition.  Goal two is then finding a way to communicate that to your customers and potential customers. Often, it’s something like a price-point, a superior product, or better customer service.

These are all well and good, but quite often they aren’t enough. Sometimes there are other intangibles that are less about your actual products and pricing and more about your business culture.  Those are what a business needs to draw people in and create loyal customers.

Community First

That’s where Light Truck and Park Light Truck differ with other mechanic shops in the region.  They believe in helping their community through the giving of their time and talents.

So they devised a car giveaway where their advertising would direct people to their website at  Their goal was to register a family in need who’ll be placed in a drawing for a 2001 Mazda Protégé. That’s where business and charity, along with strong beliefs of giving back, determined a whole new way of giving.images

The idea pushed them into becoming better members of their community.  They’ve made it their new model; members don’t just take, but also give back. Businesses should be citizens who understand that what’s good for the local area, is good for everyone, including their own business.

So, knowing it would be sometime before they gave the car away, they began reading the stories about the reasons people were being nominated.


They quickly discovered that several people from Walmart were nominating a certain individual named Rose.  She had an immediate need for a car.  In response to the people nominating Rose, they were told it would be sometime before the car was given away.  The employees indicated that Rose had a car but it was not running at the time.

Light Truck immediately contacted Burden’s Towing who donated the towing of her car to Light Truck& Auto.   Then pieces began falling into place.  If one or two companies were able to donate time and treasure, then surely Burkburnett Grace Ministries would.  Especially since their mission is to reach out to citizens of the Burkburnett, Randllet, Devol, and Grandfield communities.  A call was made asking what could be done.

Mel Feller, Executive Director, quickly pointed out that they had received funds from the Times Record News through the Scripps Howard Foundation.  The money was to be used to help in special circumstances.  So a meeting was quickly held.  Wayne Methvin of Light Truck and Mel Feller of Burkburnett Grace Ministries quickly looked at how these special funds could be used to help Rose, an 82-year-old Walmart employee.

Now Rose is no ordinary employee.  She is one who never tires of her job.  In fact, she’s so dedicated, she actually attempted walk from Burkburnett to the Walmart location on central freeway.  Now that’s a dedicated employee!

More Community Help

Repairs were estimated at about $4200.00 dollars. They knew this would not be feasible, so Wayne Methvin calls another company to help.  He contacted the sales manager at LKQ Salvage Yard and explained what we were doing.  They immediately and without question helped by reducing the price of the new engine.

He then spoke with the people who nominated Rose.  They said they would hold a fund raiser on her behalf to help out. They were able to raise $600.00 as employees of Walmart.  Management was in support of the employees and their fund raising activities.

After everything was arranged, Wayne met with the Director of Grace Ministries.  Together they reviewed the charges and were able to cut the bill by more than half the original cost.

The final step was getting approval from the Time Record News Foundation for the request.  They eagerly agreed and indicated that they, too, wanted to help.

Finally, A Car!

The conclusion now is that with the combined efforts of the people mentioned above, Rose’s car is back on the road.  She now has a safe and dependable car to drive.  Not only will she be able to go to work, but she also retains her independence.

One exciting side-note is that in addition, First National Bank of Wichita Falls at Fairway & Kell will be presenting Ms. Rose Akins with a $300.00 cash donation.

Please help Light Truck continue helping the community by going to  and registering a family in need for our drawing.