Drive Smart and Save

Ever since the first car hit the road, or trail back then, drivers have been trying to go faster. The power of many cars today is nothing short of incredible. As the price of gas goes up, along with the cost of maintenance, there’s one simple thing we can all do to save money. Drive smart and save. Our driving habits can save money.

Drive Smart and Save

Consider the following tips for huge savings:

  1. Fuel Savings  We all love the acceleration when we step hard on the gas. But, nothing burns fuel faster. The best way to accelerate is slow and steady. Use the cruise control as much as possible. The cruise control keeps your engine operating at its optimum. With a foot on the gas, quick changes in RPM’s are typical.
  2. Use the “Three Second Rule”  Drive with at least three seconds between your vehicle and the vehicle in front. That allows the space to drive smarter and safer. You’ll have sufficient space to allow for smoother deceleration. Most importantly, if you need to stop quickly, you’ll have the space to stop safely.
  3. Using the Brakes  Try to be smooth and soft with the brakes. It’s very hard on the braking system and the vehicle when the brakes are slammed. That’s when that three second rule of space helps.
  4. Tire Pressure  How many of us check our tire pressure? Properly inflated tires create less drag saving gas and the tires.
  5. Fluid Levels  Many of us keep the windshield washer fluid filled. We don’t bother checking the oil or the steering fluid. Keeping fluid levels full helps slow wear and tear on your vehicle.
  6. Vehicle Maintenance  Keeping your vehicle in good condition can save you a bundle. At least every six months, you should have a qualified mechanic check your vehicle. A really good mechanic will hook your vehicle up for a scan of all the parts including your fluids, your tires, and all vehicle systems.

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Drive Smart and Save. We buy insurance for our vehicles, our homes, and just about everything else. Think of a vehicle inspection as your insurance to keep your vehicle safe and in good condition. You’ll save a bundle.

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