Grease Under His Fingernails

Burk1We’ve all heard that your upbringing shapes your life. Some may not agree. However, meet Perry Hamilton, part owner of Light Truck and Auto. One quickly gets a sense of his passion for mechanics. That passion has been with him his whole life.

The Early YearsBurk2

As long as he can remember, Perry Hamilton, one-half of Light Truck and Auto, has wanted to “tinker with and fix things.” He said, “I’d rather talk to an engine than to customers. I leave most of the talking to Wayne Methvin.” Wayne is the other half of the company. Perry says, “Wayne is so outgoing, he can carry on a conversation with the clock in our office.”

Perry was tearing down small engines at an early age. He comments, “I would sometimes rather do that then go to school.”


Perry graduated from small engines to cars in secondary school. He said, “If it has wheels or tracks, I’ve probably worked on it.” After high school, he went to work at the Ford Dealership. Like Wayne Methvin, he decided schooling would do him some good. He received his Master’s Mechanic Certificate.

“There was lots I probably could have shown the instructors. But it’s the finer details and working with newer, computerized equipment that helped. The customers have a right to know their vehicles are being worked on by fully qualified mechanics. That sets a standard we always follow here at Light Truck and Auto.”

Light Truck and Auto

Burk3Having worked together for some time, both are considered in the top 5,000 diesel mechanics in the United States. One day Wayne asked Perry, “Why don’t we start our own business?”

Following their hearts and their faith in God, they left secure jobs to jump feet first into business ownership. Perry said, “We needed $14,000 in the first month to make it go. We made it with $10.00 to spare.” Wayne’s comment was, “That first month, I worked the phones. Perry got lots of grease under his fingernails.”

Grease Under His Fingernails

When asked about the grease under his fingernails, Perry answered, “My mom was always scolding me to clean my hands really good before dinner. My wife looks after me the same way.”

There is a part of the day when Perry relaxes with his family. He attends their local church or tinkers. Then he gets ready for the next day. He’ll get grease under his fingernails doing what he loves. Perry added, “Fixing engines is something I love to do. There’s no better pleasure than to be able to do what I love. That’s fixing vehicles so they are safe and providing for my family.”

The Service

Each day Perry Hamilton and Wayne Methvin, the owners of Light Truck and Auto, live and breathe their passions for customer service. Perry concluded, “Many recommendations come from our customers. They know we address their concerns. They won’t be hit with any surprises. Every vehicle that leaves our shop is safe to drive.”

There’s a steady stream of customers coming in. It’s an obvious sign that the two owners and their staff are appreciated for what they do. Why not “come down the road” and discover what their customers already know. The work done at Light Truck and Auto is work you can trust. There are no surprises. When your vehicle leaves the shop, it’s safe to drive.

Give Perry or Wayne a call at Light Truck and Auto. They’ll service your vehicle properly. Call them today at 940-569-9344 to make an appointment.