He Built a Bike With a Motor!

burk1The Wayne Methvin Story

Small acts define a person’s values. Their actions show what they stand for and what they do with their lives. I recently met three really outstanding people.  If you want to meet them, then just drive down the road to Light Truck and Auto. If you have a problem with your vehicle, then head down the road to find out how it feels to be treated right.

The Bike


Wayne Methvin pieced the bike in the picture above together from parts. That job defines his passion for tinkering and building mechanical devices. Wayne’s first bicycle came from parts scavenged all around town. Back then, bicycles were the gift from dedicated hard work.

Wayne’s ambitious endeavor to build his own bike developed into a positive consequence. He found enough spare parts from scavenging to become the neighborhood bike shop. He may have been the youngest entrepreneur in Texas.

Tinker, Scavenger, Engineer


Wayne’s hands discovered all the repairs in the neighborhood. He learned at a young age that tinkering, scavenging, and over-hauling made money.  However, he didn’t find his true calling, truck and car repair, until 2005.

Thanks, Ford

The Ford Motor Company helped Wayne begin the next phase of his life. Working there, he decided to take formal training. He entered the Master Mechanic Program and completed his education a few years later.  During that time, he also realized his great customer relations skills. Through conversation, he gathered enough information to give the customer what he needed.

The Big Move

Wayne decided to make a big move and open his own automotive company, Light Truck and Auto. He said, “I passionately wanted to do this.” He knew customers wanted personal service, honesty, and real repairs. Wayne offered passionate caring service and quick, accurate repairs.  Wayne’s passion and service to his customers doesn’t stop there.  He also believes deeply in community aid.

A grandmother on a fixed income brought her old, rough running car in for repairs. After a quick look under the hood, Wayne found a couple of quality, used parts.  The car was fixed. When the grandmother asked what she owed, she was sent on her way.

That act of kindness has been paid forward by the grandmother many times. She still visits, as Wayne says, “…whenever she has a spare, warm, apple pie.”

The mechanics at Light Truck and Auto keep the business goal simple, passionate customer care. Every car leaves the shop safe to drive with a happy motorist behind the wheel.  Wayne’s policy remains, “Nothing leaves the shop until we feel our own family members would be safe in it.  Our customers know that.”

That Bike!

That bike helped Wayne build his passion for good repairs and kind service.  It defined his passion for tinkering and building mechanical devices. The neighborhood kids knew their bikes would be fixed right.

As Wayne continued his education, he honed his people skills and built a genuine reputation for great customer service.  That’s exactly what you get at Light Truck and Auto.

So, if you need your truck or auto repaired, then head down the road to Light Truck and Auto. They now have two locations, in Burkburnett and Iowa Park.

Give them a call at 940-569-9344.