How It All Started

Wayne Methvin and Perry Hamilton, co-owners of Light Truck and Auto, set out on a mission for business success when they opened the local vehicle repair facility. Now, six years later and some tough times in the beginning – they are enjoying that success.

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Methvin and Hamilton’s journey began in 2012. “We were working together as mechanics at a facility and just weren’t happy,” Methvin said. “So one day I said to Perry ‘Why don’t we start our own business?’” Admitting that the thought of losing their paychecks did cause some hesitation, Methvin said the pair decided to take the plunge and do it.

“Number one, we had faith in Christ,” added Methvin. The two mechanics also counted on help from the Burkburnett Development Corporation, Fidelity Bank Director Randy Aaron and the Small Business Development Corporation at Midwestern State University.

Methvin said that with help from Aaron and his bank, the BDC and the SBDC, their journey began. “We received funding from the BDC for employee training and Perry and I traveled to California to take specialized business courses. We opened our location here in Burkburnett in October of 2012,” he said, adding that it was a tough start in the beginning.

“We needed $14,000 in sales to break even in our first month of operation,” Methvin said. “In our first two weeks we only grossed $300. That was a turning point for us and we turned it over to the Lord in prayer. Just as we did, a customer pulled in.” Word spread and other customers came.

“At the end of that month we were able to pay every invoice,” said Methvin, admitting that there was Ten Dollars left over.

Since that time we now employ mechanics, service writer Harold Murdock and bookkeeper/secretary, Tina Dodson. “They all do a phenomenal job for us.”

Methvin said he and his partner have in a way put down their wrenches. “It’s funny because we never thought we would become businessmen per say, but that’s what we’ve become. Our roles now are to take care of the business side of our operations and advise our mechanics if they encounter a problem. Speaking for myself, “ I never thought I would be in this position.”

Methvin added that working the business side of their operations has led Hamilton and himself to embrace today’s ever-changing world of technology. He said he was especially proud of the Light Truck and Auto website at:

Currently, interested persons can go to the website and nominate someone to receive a free car that Methvin and Hamilton are giving away.

“It’s a way that we can give something back to a community that has been good to us,” Methvin said. “Through God’s will and community support, we have been fortunate and are looking forward to many good years ahead.”