I Blew the Mayor’s Transmission!

I am a Master Mechanic, but not perfect.  Anytime troublesome problems occur, a choice must be made. In my line of work, I could hide mistakes, but the vehicle may not be safe to drive.  Instead, I take ownership of the mishap and repair it.

At Light Truck and Auto, our beliefs and faith dictate the way we treat our customers. If you provided services to us, then we would expect truthfulness and honesty from you.  We know you expect the same from us.

The Initial Visit

When the Mayor brought us his truck for repairs, we followed our regular inspection practice.  We informed him about:

  1. The repairs he knew his truck needed.
  2. Some safety issues his truck had.
  3. Repairs of which he wasn’t aware.

The Mayor made his decision, leaving the shop with confidence that his repaired truck would be safe for his family.

What Happened?

His wants and needs were addressed and repaired.  The truck was cleaned and ready to go.  After starting the engine, I closed my eyes, savoring its sweet purr of perfection. It was ready for a test-drive, so I put it in reverse and touched the pedal.

An all-encompassing “clunk” told me I had just blown the Mayor’s transmission!

Honesty First

As I stepped from the truck, who did I see but the Mayor!  He expected to fire up the engine and drive home.  I looked down at my feet, kicked around some non-existent stone, and said, “Mayor, I blew your transmission.”

His first reaction was one of shock as he asked, “Now what happens?” However, I noticed the wide grin spread across his face.  He already knew that answer. Then a worried crease crossed his forehead as he asked, “How much?”

My only possible answer took no thought, “Absolutely nothing. I blew the transmission, not you.”

Within 24 hours, we replaced the Mayor’s transmission so the truck ran like a top.  We presented the keys to him with a red ribbon tied to them.

The End

The Mayor knew his truck had been properly repaired. The honesty we live by proved to be the best policy once again.  We always go the extra mile for every customer.  If you need your vehicle repaired, then give Light Truck and Auto the opportunity.  Conveniently located in Burkburnett and Iowa Park, we guarantee you will become a happy customer.

Give us a call for an appointment at 940-569-9344.