No Blowouts!

yokohama-advan-sport-zps-run-flat-tireHave you checked your tires lately? Millions of us get in our cars each day and off we go.   We don’t notice if one of the most important parts on our car is going to survive. We may not get safely wherever we’re going.  Tires have become very safe with technological advances. Blowouts still happen. Sometimes there are devastating effects.

How Do Devastating Blowouts Happen?

As sure as God made little green apples, tires blowout. Have you ever seen the remnants of a blowout on the road? Most of us have. If a large vehicle has a blowout, the pieces become very dangerous projectiles. If it happens on a smaller vehicle, it can cause a loss of control and potentially a serious accident. How does it happen?

  • A tire is damaged when a person hits the curb. It weakens the structure of the tire because it takes a chunk of rubber out of the sidewall.
  • A tire doesn’t have sufficient tread or surface material remaining to protect the integrity of the tire.
  • A tire may not be properly inflated. This causes over-heating and weakening of the rubber.

How Does a Tire Blowout?

It’s called a blowout if a tire explodes. It can actually disintegrate to pieces. That’s the reason we see pieces of tire all over the roads. If traveling at high speed, a blowout can cause loss of control of the vehicle. Sadly, more than 400 people die each year from tire blowouts

How to Check Your Tires?

Checking your tires daily is simple. A walk around your vehicle could save your life. Look for:

  • Damage to your tire sidewalls such as cuts or chunks of rubber missing. Physical damage to your sidewalls puts you at significant risk.
  • Proper inflation of your tires. Tires inflated improperly will heat when used. If the heat becomes sufficient, the rubber weakens, and a blowout may occur.
  • Sufficient tread. A tire needs a certain amount of tread to protect the tire face and provide proper traction. Occasionally use a quarter to check the tread. If the tread doesn’t touch the face on the quarter, it’s time to change your tires.

See the Professionals

Protect your vehicle, yourself and your family by having your tires checked at least once per year by professionals. The good folks at Light Truck and Auto will check your tires and give your vehicle a “once-over safety check.”  They serve Burkburnett and North Texas. They’ll:

  • Fully inspect your tires for damage and proper tread depth.
  • Balance your tires for a smooth ride.
  • Rotate your tires for even wear.
  • Ensure  your tires are properly inflated.

Light Truck and Auto

Come down the road to see the good folks at Light Truck and Auto about your tires and all your vehicle needs. After a “once over safety check,” the mechanics will:

  • Show you what’s needed to make your vehicle safe.
  • Ask for your approval of the work and costs. They don’t want to surprise you.
  • Offer a financing program to help you with the costs of keeping your vehicle safely operating.

Don’t let a blowout happen to you. Check your tires regularly yourself. Call the professionals at Light Truck and Auto in Burkburnett, Texas to check your tires at least once per year. The good folks at Light Truck and Auto would love to meet you. They’ll look after your vehicle tires and all your vehicle needs. 940-569-9344