Three functions make your vehicle engine run, fuel, electricity, and oxygen. Most car owners regularly fill their vehicle with fuel.  However, many don’t worry at all about the car’s electrical systems or air filters.  Believe it or not, your vehicle’s air filter requires regular maintenance for a very good reason.

Air Filter Function

That simple filter is a very important part of your vehicle. Operating properly, it keeps dirt and other air-borne fragments out of your engine. Your vehicle operates best with clean air. A dirty filter equates to using a piece of sandpaper to wipe down your fine table. A clean filter ensures that dust and grit don’t get into your engine. If fragments of filth get into your engine, it’s like sandpaper scouring the internal parts.

Check Your Air Filter Often

Most people just don’t bother to check the air filter.  Make it a habit to check your air filter at least every six months. A good rule-of-thumb is to check it with every oil change.  Replace it when it begins to get dirty. If it doesn’t appear dirty, then change it a minimum of every two years.

Don’t Be Fooled

If you are told you need to change your air filter every time you have your oil changed, then find another shop or refuse the change. Air filters should last about two years. The air flow keeps your vehicle running like clockwork.


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