Problems with your vehicle battery show up in a number of ways before your battery dies completely.  Battery replacement should be a regularly scheduled maintenance.  Watch for these warning signs and change your battery when you see any of them:

  1. A slow cranking starter.  The sign something is wrong with your batter occurs when you turn the key, and the engine turns over slowly.
  2. An engine light comes on.  A vehicle engine light usually comes on to inform you about a weak battery.
  3. Low battery fluid.  Older batteries had a little window so you would know to add water to the battery.  However, now you cannot add fluid because of the sealing process used on the batteries.
  4. Swollen battery casing.  The casing of the battery should remain square or rectangular.  If the battery’s sides begin to swell out of shape, then change it out immediately.
  5. Leakage from the battery.  Any kind of leakage from the battery can cause major damage.  Be careful of the acid.
  6. The age of the battery.  If the battery is three years old, change it.  The strength of batteries can and should be tested regularly.

Changing Your Battery

The battery in most vehicles can be replaced in a matter of minutes.  However, some vehicles require specialized equipment for removal and insertion.  The old battery must also be disposed of properly.

The best system for checking and replacing your battery is to employ expert auto mechanics.  Then you don’t have to worry about the mess or the pain if the battery acid should spill.  They have a disposal unit specifically for batteries, too.

Some of the best auto mechanics can be found at Light Truck and Auto or Park Light Truck and Auto.  These people-pleasing folks would love to help you maintain your vehicle and check or change your battery.

Give them a call at 940-569-9344.