There is probably nothing more serious when operating a vehicle than stepping on the brake pedal and having nothing happen. The probability of a total brake failure is low. Do you want to take that chance? Do you want to wait until the brake pads are grinding the rotors? You would have to buy new rotors as well as have your brake pads and shoes replaced.

Get Your Brakes Serviced

There is no magic bullet that can tell you how long to wait for a brake system inspection. It all depends on the way you drive and the conditions in which you drive. If you hear strange noises or believe your vehicle is not stopping quickly enough, it is time to get your brake system serviced.

Call  Light Truck and Auto for the Best in Brake Service

There’s nothing more important than for your braking system to be in top working order. The good folks at Light Truck and Auto are passionate about your safety. Make an appointment for a thorough inspection of your vehicle brake system. If needed, service for your brake system will be provided at the same time. There are several major services which can be performed on your vehicle’s brake system. Of few of those services are:

  • Install new brake pads, shoes, and brake cylinders, if required.
  • Turn brake rotors and brake drums. Replacement, too, if required.
  • Check the emergency brake, all brake lines, and the master cylinder to ensure all are in good, working condition.
  • Flush your brake system. Top it off with new fluid.
  • Provide a 12 month/12,000-mile warranty on any brake service.

Call Today

Do not delay. Call Light Truck and Auto in Burkburnett or Iowa Park, Texas today at 940-569-9344. Make that important appointment to have your brakes inspected and serviced. Your personal safety depends on it.