In the good ole days, we opened the hood of our vehicles and tinkered with the engine. In those days, a timing light and a few rusty tools fixed our vehicles. Today, the cramped quarters under the hood turn us away. The electronics make a computerized engine analysis an absolute must.

Computerized Engine Analysis

A computerized engine analysis tells what needs to be done for your vehicle to remain in top condition. Therefore, connecting a vehicle to a computer is the first action a mechanic takes. An electronic engine analysis runs a series of tests on your vehicle’s engine to diagnose potential problems.

Not a Code Reader Test

A Code Reader Test simply tests your vehicle’s computer sensors.  The sensors should send information to the car’s on-board computer. The test lets you know whether or not a sensor is working. It does NOT provide a thorough analysis of your vehicle’s performance.

You Pay For It, You Get It

Computerized analysis requires thousands of dollars in equipment. Therefore, if you find a FREE engine analysis, then beware of it. In this case, you may actually get what you pay for. You may be getting a code reader test instead of a complete analysis of your engine.

Engine Analysis at Light Truck and Auto

Appoint experts for a computerized engine analysis at least once per year. It’s the best insurance that your vehicle operates in top condition. It saves you money in the long run.

All the mechanics at Light Truck and Auto in Burkburnett and Iowa Park are certified. The owners, Perry and Wayne, are Certified Master Mechanics. That means you can trust them to analyze your vehicle and offer the correct repairs for it.

After analyzing your engine, the good folks at Light Truck and Auto provide a list of needed repairs and other fixes to keep your car in top condition. Their honest, kind treatment of you comes with good, decent suggestions. They fix what you want fixed.

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