Your vehicle driveline consists of all those parts under your floorboard that connect the engine to the  wheels. The driveline includes the driveshaft, center bearings, and the axle.  If you own a four-wheel drive, then you have an added axle which connects to the differential.  Those parts connect all together with one or more universal joints.

The Universal Joints

The Universal or U-Joints, simple but amazing pieces of equipment, allow the connection of the drivetrain from the engine to the wheels. If you have ever looked under your car, you will see the drivetrain is not in a straight line. U-Joints join the hodge-podge of parts with the other parts in the driveline.  U-joints take incredible forces and work flawlessly.  However, they break with little or no warning.

When to Get Driveline Service

A vibration in your vehicle when you accelerate could be a sign that your center bearing is not working right. If you hear an under-the-floorboard clunk, you probably need your U-Joints replaced. No matter what the sound or feel, don’t ignore the problem.

Get Your Driveline Serviced

If you think you have problems with your driveline, then contact the good folks at  Light Truck and Auto for the best service in the Texoma area. Don’t get caught with your driveline on the road. Contact Light Truck and Auto in Burkburnett or Iowa Park for inspection or  service to your driveline before there’s a problem. They are passionate about your safety and your vehicle.

At Light Truck and Auto, they inspect:

  • The drive shaft(s) for straightness
  • All the U-Joints
  • The Center Bearing
  • The axles and wheel bearings

Call Light Truck and Auto today in Burkburnett or Iowa Park at 940-569-9344 to make sure your driveline is serviced and repaired correctly. You can be sure your vehicle will be safe to drive.