The oil in your engine is, without a doubt, the most important fluid in your car. Many of us don’t do what is required to keep our engine oil in tip-top shape. If you care for your oil, you can extend the life of your engine up to three times.

Changing your oil and the oil filter in your vehicle offers a big payback. It keeps your vehicle engine running smoothly and works whether you have a diesel or a gas engine.

Change your Oil

Manufacturer’s offer recommendations for changing your oil and filter. If you want to do yourself and your vehicle a favor, then call Light Truck and Auto. They offer vehicle repairs by specialists in Burkburnett and Iowa Park, Texas. They check and change your oil and filter. Their recommendation is to change oil every three months or 5,000 miles, whichever comes first. Let them inspect your vehicle to make sure it’s safe. Their “all-over safety check” is part of their oil change service. It includes:

  • A professional, mechanical team who is passionate about safety and the health of your vehicle.
  • New oil and filter.
  • Visual inspection of all hoses and belts to ensure they’re in top working order.
  • All fluid levels checked.
  • A test drive to ensure your car drives properly.

Contact Light Truck and Auto

If you haven’t had your oil and filter changed in the past three months, then it’s time. Stop at Light Truck and Auto in Burkburnett or Iowa Park. They are the vehicle repair and maintenance experts. The good folks at Light Truck and Auto care passionately about you and the condition of your vehicle. Your car receives an all-points check along with your oil and oil filter change.

For peace of mind and a vehicle that’s in tip-top shape, call Light Truck and Auto today at 940-569-9344. You’ll be glad you did!