Most of us take our vehicles for granted. We turn the key, hit the gas pedal, and go. Vehicles usually operate as we expect. Then,  some part causes your vehicle to fail. Some of the problems could be dirty or no oil, low fluids, or corroded electrical wiring.  Holes in the exhaust, lights that don’t work, or damaged U-Joints also cause problems. The list goes on. Any one of the hundreds of parts or systems may fail when we don’t pay attention to them.

What Happens?

“Murphy’s Law” kicks in wen you least expect it.  Then, something goes wrong with your vehicle. How inconvenient! The worst part is the cost of a tow truck. Loved ones may panic because you didn’t arrive on time. It all could have been avoided. All you needed was a little low-cost preventative maintenance.

Get Preventative Maintenance

What’s preventative maintenance? A detailed preventative maintenance check could solve all your problems. Located in Burkburnett or Iowa Park, Texas, the good folks from Light Truck and Auto are the specialists you need. They’ll give your vehicle a point-by-point check. That check-up includes:

  • A professional mechanical team who is passionate about safety and the health of your vehicle.
    New oil and filter.
  • Visual inspection of all hoses and belts.
  • A full Inspection of your electrical, brake, drivetrain, fuel, and air systems.
  • All fluid levels checked.
  • A test drive to ensure your car drives properly.
  • A “no surprises” list, the cost of any repairs, and suggestions of maintenance that might make your vehicle last longer.

Contact Light Truck and Auto

The good folks at Light Truck and Auto recommend an annual vehicle preventative maintenance check. If you have not had an inspection in the past year, then it is time. Stop by Light Truck and Auto in Burkburnett or Iowa Park. They’re the best vehicle repair experts.

The people at Light Truck and Auto care passionately about you and the condition of your vehicle. They repair your vehicle whether it is gas or diesel powered. You’ll have a safe vehicle to drive.

For a detailed preventative maintenance check you need the best vehicle repair specialists in Burkburnett or Iowa Park. Call them at 940-569-9344.