If you have a problem with your radiator, your vehicle’s engine is at risk. There are two basic issues that cause your radiator to not work properly:

  • Becoming plugged by a build-up of sludge, or
  • Springing a leak, allowing the coolant fluid to escape.

What Happens?

When your radiator is plugged or leaks, the result is the same. The coolant won’t be able to keep your engine cool. Therefore, it over-heats. High temperature causes your engine to permanently seize. The only repair is a very expensive engine replacement.

Inspect and Repair Your Radiator

A radiator inspection is simple, fast, and easy. It solves major issues that may occur later. Light Truck and Auto in Burkburnett and Iowa Park, Texas offers your vehicle a safety check that includes:

  • A mechanical team passionate about your safety and the health of your vehicle.
  • Thorough radiator inspection and replacement of any hoses showing signs of wear.
  • Visual inspection of all other hoses and belts.
  • A check of all fluid levels.
  • A test drive to make sure your car drives properly.
  • A no-surprises list including prices of repairs and other maintenance repairs to make your vehicle safe and running longer.

Contact Light Truck and Auto Today

The good folks at Light Truck and Auto recommend an annual radiator maintenance check and repair, if needed. If you haven’t had an inspection in the past year, it’s time to schedule a check-up.

The owners and employees at Light Truck and Auto care passionately about you and the condition of your vehicle. They want you to drive a safe vehicle. You receive a detailed radiator inspection with needed repairs from these specialists. You and your diesel or gas operated vehicle are welcome for a thorough inspection.

Call Light Truck and Auto at 940-569-9344. They’re the people who care about you and your vehicle.