Your transmission is a critical part of your vehicle. It delivers power to the wheels, and allows your vehicle to go backward and forward. A regular transmission service can prevent a huge hit on your pocketbook. It also helps your vehicle provide smoother operation and a safer ride.

What Happens?

There are some major issues that could arise if you don’t maintain your transmission system. Repairs and replacements are fairly expensive. They can be inconvenient and stressful. If you pay attention to your vehicle, it will tell you when something is wrong.

There are several ways to tell whether or not your transmission is going out. A few of them are your “Check Engine” light, a burning smell, or problems getting your car in gear. It’s very important to have any unusual problems checked by a professional. If you wait too long, then you could lose your vehicle!

Transmission Service

Don’t take a chance with your transmission. Keep your vehicle running smoothly and safely with transmission maintenance service at least once every two years. There are some vehicle repair specialists at Light Truck and Auto in Burkburnett and Iowa Park, Texas. You can trust them to check and service your transmission when it needs to be done. Their maintenance check includes:

  • A professional mechanical team passionate about safety and the health of your vehicle.
  • Thorough transmission service including changing or filling transmission fluid.
  • Visual inspection of all hoses and belts.
  • All fluid levels checked.
  • A test drive to ensure your car drives properly.
  • A “no surprises” list, including repair costs and other maintenance suggestions.

Contact Light Truck and Auto

It’s recommended that a maintenance service is performed bi-annually for your transmission. If you haven’t had transmission service in the past, then it’s time. Stop in to meet the good folks at Light Truck and Auto in Burkburnett and Iowa Park. They’re the best vehicle repair experts around.

The mechanics and staff at Light Truck and Auto care passionately about you and the condition of your vehicle. They provide the best and most detailed transmission maintenance check-up around. Their expert auto technicians inspect your vehicle, address your concerns, call you with an estimate, and repair your vehicle.

Call Light Truck and Auto today at 940-569-9344.