A Special Gift

Cartoon of an old broken down car

On television, I saw an idea for a great special gift for a car. I suggested it to my wife, who then discovered more ideas.  Within minutes, we were involved in a fun discussion over coffee about more special gifts for anyone’s car.

My Idea

A commercial about stereo systems for cars brought back memories of loud music and boom boxes.  I thought this would be an excellent choice for a car.  My wife disagreed.  The conversation digressed into fishing rods and new stoves before I finally asked my wife about her ideas for the car.

My Wife’s Ideas

To my surprise, my wife knew more about cars than I thought.  Her list was worthy of consideration:

  1. Clean and detail the vehicle
  2. Buy new tires.
  3. Tune up and change the oil.

These ideas could even be used as Christmas gifts.

Where to Go?

My wife’s suggestions hit the nail on the head.  So I questioned her about where she thought we should go for a special gift for a car.  Quick as a wink, she responded, “Only one place comes to mind, down the road to Light Truck and Auto.”  She explained that most of the women in her quilting group take their vehicles to Light Truck and Auto for vehicle service.

Light Truck and Auto

Light Truck and Auto is a premier vehicle service and repair shop in Burkburnett with a second location in Iowa Park, Texas.  My wife expounded, “They explain everything and won’t allow a vehicle out of the service shop until it’s safe to drive.”

While vehicle service and excellent communications are important, my wife’s friends claim the owners of Light Truck and Auto fill them with confidence that their cars are safe.  Without further ado, I called Light Truck and Auto for an appointment.

My wife and her friends were right.  We received friendly, intelligent suggestions and the best service we could get.  We’ll be going back to Light Truck and Auto for all our service needs.

Let Light Truck and Auto prove to you how good their service is. They have a new shop opened in Iowa Park, Texas, too.  Excellent service and friendly, down-home mechanics will keep you and your vehicle safe.

Call Light Truck and Auto at 940-569-9344. Check out their services on their Website, too.