Treat Your Car Like the Love of Your Life

Treat your car like the love of your life. I’m not suggesting a car should be the love of your life. However, you always take good care of your love.  You should also treat your car to good care so you remain safe behind the wheel.

Treat Your Car to a Checkup

It’s important to keep your vehicle healthy and safe for family. A regular checkup gives you peace of mind.  With a checkup, you know whether or not some part needs replaced.  Many parts of the vehicle you own get ignored.  You just assume they will always work.  However, an assessment catches problems before you get stuck on the road.

Light Truck and Auto offers a thorough checkup for your car.  Wayne Methvin and Perry Hamilton suggest that a good vehicle checkup includes about thirty different check points. They assess every vehicle from bottom-to-top and front-to-back.

Tires and Oil

The two most ignored features on any vehicle are its tires and oil.

Many people consider that any tread is good tread.  If you stand a penny on end between the treads, and it reaches Lincoln’s nose, then your tread is fine.  If it’s any lower than that, buy new tires. Tires should be changed when the measurement reaches 3/8ths of an inch or less.

Your engine gets its lubrication from the oil you put in it.  If it becomes too dirty, the dirt acts like sandpaper on the inner workings of your engine.  Your vehicle can’t run at all without oil. A good rule-of-thumb tells you to check the oil on an older model every time you fill up with gas.  Otherwise, check your vehicle manufacturer’s suggestions for the frequency they recommend for your oil change.

The love of Your Life

The best place to treat your car to a checkup is Light Truck and Auto in Burkburnett and Iowa Park.  They offer honest service and peace of mind to every automobile owner driving in the door.

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